About Your Stay

“but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings of eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” ~Isaiah 40:31

To Open the lock box on the downstairs front door: Please enter the code you have been given and pull the top corners of the face of the box toward you to expose keys. Please do not pull down as that will not open the box.


  • Wifi network / password = WingsofEagles / isa40:31

  • For your convenience, the wifi router is by TV with the password on the side


  • Some of the tvs may take 5-10 seconds to boot. Specifically the 39" RCA tvs will fall into this category.

  • We use Charter cable for both TV and internet.

  • Channel listings can be found here:

  • Remote controls [PLEASE READ THIS!] - To best serve you and ensure that you have working remote controls, I have put the below policy in place regarding remote controls.

    • Remote controls are the property of Charter cable. These are checked weekly for batteries and damage. If you see damage to one of the controls, please immediately contact Jim Bagley at 252-619-0100 [c].

    • To avoid a replacement remote control service charge for missing/damaged remote controls [$50], please ensure that controls are left visible on dressers in rooms next to tvs and in working order. Please ensure that battery backs are intact and functional, and that controls are not reset by removing the batteries.

    • If you have an interest in fixing any remote control issues while at the house, to avoid the $50 charge, please feel free to call Jim Bagley at 252-619-0100 [c].

General housekeeping info:

  • Pool

    • Please keep pool filled to H2O line on skimmer. This will help avoid taxing the pump/filter system.

    • Pump can be turned off at night at the breaker box in the pump room. Please leave the pump running daily to ensure good water circulation.

    • Pool service is on Saturday and Wednesday. Please avoid unattended larger dogs. Although it can be really entertaining to watch the pool guy (Mike King) get surprised, for his safety please contain larger dogs on pool cleaning day. Mike checks the pump room downstairs and cleans the pool out back 2x/week. He has been with us since 2011 and does a great job. As the unofficial mayor of the Outer Banks, he is also a wealth of knowledge for where best to eat on the island if you are looking for suggestions.

  • Propane for grill - As with other grocery store purchases, this is not furnished. Swap out tanks can be purchased at Food Lion. Please feel free to take a tank with you to the store and purchase a swap out. This will run $20-$25.

  • Trash day is Tuesday and Friday - Please place trash in can, and can at curbside with the appropriate side facing out. If it the side where the lid opens is not facing out trash pickup may not occur.

  • Washer/Dryer - Avoid putting any foreign objects, or clothes with sand or foreign objects into the washer/dryer. I recently replaced the dryer due to someone drying clothes with sand and glass in them which caused significant damage to the machine.

  • House rules per rental agreement

    • Absolutely NO SMOKING inside the house.


    • Grilling only permitted in backyard on concrete patio

    • Bath towels not permitted to be used at the beach

  • While we are pet friendly, we have noted the need for specific language for pets in effort to keep Saturday am cleaning streamlined.

    • All pet cleanup inside and out is the responsibility of the tenant.

    • Keep pets and pet waste out of flower beds.

    • Pet hair/fur removal from furniture is the responsibility of the tenant. $25 pet hair removal fee / piece of furniture.

Around town:

  • 5th street beach access is a great location. drive/ride/walk up 4th street, cut over to 5th at Georgia, cross at the light/crosswalk, park in the free parking next to the old KMart parking lot, walk until you see the Atlantic ocean.

    • Another nice spot is at MP8 after the Wright Brother’s Memorial at the life saving station. They have bathrooms and showers on site.

  • Beach report for 5th st http://www.surfline.com/surf-report/kill-devil-hills-southeast_4408/

    • Surfline.com has a great app as well for Android or iPhone.

  • Eating out and stuff to do: https://www.pinterest.com/jimbag8/the-outer-banks/

For check out per rental agreement:

  • All pet cleanup inside and out is the responsibility of the tenant.

  • All cigarette butts should be properly disposed of in garbage can (once fully extinguished) or in ash trays. Please do not leave cigarette or cigar butts in the yard or flower beds.

  • Strip beds of all sheets and pillowcases and place them in the bathroom with towels and washcloths.

  • Lock all doors and Turn off all lights, tvs, fans, and radios, and place keys in lockbox on downstairs doorknob.

  • Turn off downstairs A/C unit

  • Leave the place clean and tidy

    • Put all used dishes in the dishwasher and run dishwasher with dish detergent.

    • Clean up and dispose of all trash in outside trashcan

    • Put trash can out for city pickup with the appropriate side facing out.

    • Place all pool and beach toys back in storage area and return all pool furniture back to its place

    • Clean floors and surfaces

  • If you think of it shoot me a text when you pull out and let me know how your week was at 252-619-0100.


Jim Bagley | jimbag8@gmail.com