Travel Tips

Travel Tips to avoid traffic:

  • In the Summer, traffic builds coming onto the island from about noon - 5 on Saturday. You may want to get to the island early and plan to spend the day hanging out at one of the attractions. Another option is to time it so you come in around 5pm.

  • Likewise, in the summer, Traffic is bad going out in the morning. I regularly walk my dog at 6am on the weekends in Kill Devil Hills, and traffic has already begun to trickle out. By 8am its in full swing. It dies down by 1 or 2, so if you can make a ½ day out of visiting one of the attractions on the island, you may want to consider this. Otherwise, avoid traffic by getting out early.

  • There are plenty of mainstream grocery stores on the island (Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Wal Mart). Not having to worry about frozen foods and meats going bad in a cooler, is worth the freedom to be able to avoid traffic.

  • The speed limit changes on the main road from 50 to 45 going south at the Wright Brothers Memorial. Avoid a thank you note for speeding from KDH's finest.

  • Beach 104.1 is a great radio station for traffic info, weather, fishing report on Saturday morning, and regular old top 40 music.

  • If you want to save the $9 toll during summer months on VA 168 near the border, get off of the toll road at the 2nd Hillcrest exit (food and gas here), turn right at the light onto Battlefield blvd (business 168) after the Wawa gas station. Follow it to the end and get back onto VA 168. The opposite is true for the return trip.

  • If traffic is bad, once you are over the Wright Brothers memorial bridge, turn right onto Woods rd. This will turn into Kitty Hawk blvd. and will come out at MP 4.5 next to a 7-11. [see map] This will cut off 4 miles of stop and go traffic. Turn right and go to 4th street at MP 6.5 across from the K-Mart and movie theater.

  • If you see 3rd street and a Food Lion you have gone too far. Turn in at 3rd street, go to the end, turn right, and then another rt onto 4th street. go 5 houses up on the right.

  • If you pass 3rd street, go through the Food Lion parking lot, or turn right at 1st street. if 1st street, turn right onto canal. This turns into Bay. Follow it to 4th street and turn right.